HRMS manages global employee data and retrieves it instantly without any hassle. It is governed by strong security practices to keep data secure. It tracks employees' leave and time at work with ease and acts as single source for all employee attendance details. Workflows are created to carry out daily HR tasks like email alerts, multi-level approvals and checklists. Performs identification of skills and areas of improvement for all employees. Review is done based on set goals by gathering 360-degree feedback to bridge the gap between where employees are and where they need to be. The product is also mobile friendly with features provided to mark attendance, connect with colleagues, and view other employee details in just a few clicks.

Key Features

  • Tracking of non short-listed potential candidates to speed up recruitment process for future organizational requirements
  • Train employees by identifying skillset gaps based on market trends
  • Facilitate easy movement of employees within the organization based on performance
  • Maintain transparency through employee self service portal



  • Company/Units
  • Leave Policy
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Employee Pay Structure
  • Users/Roles
  • Grade/Designation


  • Basic and personal details
  • Contact information
  • Work experience
  • Testimonials
  • Tax exemption docs
  • Resignation


  • Salary calculation
  • PS/ESI/Tax deductions
  • Hourly wages calculation
  • Payslip generation
  • IT declaration


  • Daily attendance with In and Out time
  • Overtime tracking
  • Holidays and Leave projection
  • Tracking permissions and late-reporting


  • Leave application
  • Approval
  • Employee leave calendar
  • Year-end reset


  • On demand promotion
  • Approval
  • Grade/Designation Change
  • Salary Revision


  • Integration with Tally for Payroll and Claims
  • Biometric device integration for tracking attendance and overtime


  • Payslip
  • Leave balance
  • Monthly payroll
  • Claims
  • Promotion list



  • Centralized product with digitized business
  • New busines ventures made easy
  • Addition of units at zero cost
  • Cost To Company on resource utilization
  • Well defined organization structure

Human Resource

  • Track employee growth
  • Hassle-free payroll processing
  • Quick employee assessment for promotion
  • Earn trust of employee through transparency in processes


  • Increased job satisfaction due to clarity of HR processes
  • Quick and easy access to personal records and payroll details
  • Management of Income Tax information
  • Self-Service portal for Leave/Claims application

Reporting Manager

  • Easily track employee progress
  • Help in decision making in offering promotions and pay hikes
  • Hassle-free delegation of work
  • Quickly approve employee Leave/Claims


  • Scalable
  • Effortless cloud deployment
  • Download reports as Word, Excel and PDF
  • Efficient data migration
  • Responsive view