IMS tracks goods through the entire supply chain from production to retail, warehousing to shipping and all the movements of stock and parts in-between. IMS enables the businesses to make better decisions and investments, by allowing them to view all the moving parts of its operations. IMS integrates Sales, Production, Purchase and Quality modules. This is designed to record all inventory transactions from the mentioned modules, as well as adjustments, issues, receipts and physical inventory processing. Traceability of inventory is provided to track availability of stock during production and sales. This enables businesses to prepare for radical changes in sales like spikes or drops, prepare for them by monitoring trends and referring to historical records, through its record keeping and monitoring capabilities. It also prevents product loss caused by environmental factors and theft by keeping them secure, resulting in reduced financial losses.

Key Features

  • Production based on customizable formulation and sales forecast
  • Examination of quality standard adherence at multi levels during procurement and production
  • Tracking of receipts and batches on goods receipt and product dispatch respectively on goods receipt during shop floor issue
  • Consolidated reports on stock, sales and purchases



  • Company/Units
  • Customers
  • Depots
  • Suppliers
  • Users/Roles
  • Product definition
  • Product BOM


  • Customer Order
  • Depot Order
  • Product sales
  • Material sales
  • Scrap sales
  • Sales Returns


  • Purchase Request
  • Purchase Order
  • Delivery challan
  • Goods Receipt Note
  • Supplier Invoice
  • Freight Invoice
  • Purchase returns


  • Forecast Order
  • Batch process
  • Shop floor issue with traceability
  • Track WIP
  • Product sample maintenance
  • Filling with GRN traceability
  • Tokens issue


  • Standards specifications
  • Tests link
  • QC for materials
  • QC for products


  • Customer Invoice with batch traceability
  • Pro forma Invoice
  • Supplementary Invoice
  • Inter and Intra unit transfer


  • Integration with Tally for Sale and Supplier Invoice payment
  • Vendor Management System


  • Daily production
  • Stock summary and ledger
  • Purchase and Sales Register
  • Quality tests
  • Download reports as Word, Excel and PDF



  • Centralized product with digitized business
  • Unit wise sales comparison
  • Addition of units at zero cost
  • Consolidated Inventory balance with accurate data


  • Materials receipt after QC reduces defects
  • On time shop floor issue prevents production halts
  • Automated Purchase Requests reduces supply delays
  • Flexibility in Supplier Invoice generation


  • On time material procurement with Inter unit sales
  • Know trends on sales activity
  • Support for sales on demand by forecast
  • Batch traceability for effective use of resources


  • Formulation modification prevents production stalling
  • FIFO tracking of GRN eliminates wastage and overstocks
  • Flexibility in filling reduces stocking
  • Quality tests prevent sales return


  • Scalable
  • Effortless cloud deployment
  • Download reports as Word, Excel and PDF
  • Efficient data migration
  • Responsive view